• GooseFFT.

    Simple Python examples of the variational FFT-based solution technique of partial differential equations (in this case representing mechanical equilibrium, described by a vanishing divergence of stress).

  • GooseFEM.

    A simple C++ header-only library to run Finite Element computations. This is really a quite simple library to do some specialized computations, not at all meant to come close to more professional libraries.

  • GooseMaterial.

    A C++ implementation of several continuum mechanics constitutive model.

Statistical (image) analysis


  • cppmat

    A header-only library to work with multi-dimensional arrays and tensors in C++. It works much like Eigen but for multi-dimensional arrays. It also features a wide scope of tensor algebra.

  • HDF5pp

    A header-only wrapper around the HDF5 C++ API. This wrapper makes use of templating and operator overloading, resulting in extremely easy use.

  • pybind11 examples.

    Some basic examples on how to start using pybind11. Pybind11 is a C++ library that allows to expose a C++ library to Python easily.


  • GooseMPL.

    The key thing is a style for Matplotlib. Additionally functions are provided that can simplify making professional plots. Finally, several examples to make customized plots are well documented.


LaTeX tools

Command-line tools

Computing cluster

  • GooseSLURM.

    Examples of job-scripts for slurm, and some wrappers around the default functions provided by slurm.